Balls Of Steel - Sunday, Dec 10 - Approx 40 degrees

## It might snow prior evening/night Saturday, 9th and will be extremely cold. We will cancel only in case of sleet

## ​Pik N Pig - Cars & planes taxi up for hickory-smoked BBQ at this homestyle joint attached to a small airport

## Free lunch for all those registering before 12/1. All you will need is your motorcycle and balls of steel!!

1. This will be approximately 4 hour door to door ride

2. Cary NC To PikNPig (Carthage NC) via Siler City (1.5 hours). Have lunch (1 hour). Leave for Cary NC (1 hour). Buffer (0.5 hours)

3. Meet @ Dolphin 55 @ 10:00am EST. Be back latest by 2 pm EST

4. Temperatures between 30 and 50 with partly cloudy

5. Wear all the warm clothes that you can. Do not underestimate the cold